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Staying Safe

Online adult dating is a great way to meet like minded people who share your interests and desires. However, online dating (like any aspect of life) will contain a small proportion of unpleasant, unsavoury, or even criminal people participating, so we offer this advice in an effort to minimise your contact with them!

Safety Advice

Trust Your Intuition
Intuition is a powerful tool for knowing when something doesn’t feel quite right, so as you read profiles, respond to messages, telephone conversations, and meet for actual dates, your intuition should help tell you if something is right or wrong. Try to apply the same standards to online dating as you would to meeting people in other ways. Online dating gives you opportunities to date a wide range of people, so don’t take any chances if something feels wrong & trust your instincts.

Don’t Provide Too Much Personal Detail Too Soon
Your home telephone number and your full name will provide an easy way to discover who you are and your address. Armed with your full name, a person can do online searches to potentially discover, where you work and what you do. Giving too much personal information can also leave you open to fraud! Also consider carefully before connectiing with another user too quickly on a social network - this could allow people access to more information about you than you would like. Again, treat online dating in the same way as normal interactions; would you become "Facebook friends" with someone you just met in a bar? Our service gives you all the tools you need to communicate with people, so make use of the safety & confidentiality it provides.

Use a Free Email Account
Sign up for a free Yahoo!, Hotmail, or Gmail email account that you use just for online dating. Never put your complete name in the ‘From’ field – only your first name, a nickname, or even a false name! This strategy protects you from a person being able to use your usual email address to find out more information about you, or from harrassing you if you decide not to continue communicating.

Use a Mobile Phone to Chat
When you decide to chat in person rather than online chat or email, never give out a home phone number. It’s common sense & an added protection until you get to know the person better and build some trust.

Look for Unpleasant Characteristics
As you talk via email and on the phone you may be able to start to pick out some characteristics of the other person. Do they seem to get angry easily? Do they avoid answering some of your questions? Do they seem controlling? These can be the unpleasant characteristics that tell you this may not be a person you should meet. If somebody writes something unpleasant, or inappropriate, don't be afraid to make a complaint. We take such behavour very seriously.

Request a Recent Photo
There’s nothing impolite in asking someone if their photographs are recent. There are people that will put a ten year old photo online, so if they tell you the photograph is recent, you meet and they are much older, then you’ll know they're a liar so feel free to cut short the date if you wish.

Use Paid Online Dating Sites
Although free dating sites are very popular & seem to provide the same service as paid ones, they don't. Free online dating services provide a greater opportunity for potentially unsavoury individuals, simply because anyone can join & they don't have any checking or moderation service to weed out scammers & people that behave badly. Their members don’t need to provide a credit card or any other varifiable information that identifies them, whereas with paid online dating you get what you pay for  including added safety. We have a dedicated Customer Care and Moderation Team, focused on protecting members against scammers and fake profiles, as well as introducing new security checks & constantly working and developing ways to stop fraudulent behaviour.

Always Meet in a Public Place.
When it’s time to arrange your first face to face meeting, agree to meet in a public place and provide your own transport; never accept an offer to be picked up at your house. Make sure that a close friend or relative knows where you are going, who you are with and what time you expect to get home. You could also ask them to give you a call at a pre-arranged time & even use this as an excuse to cut the date short if you wish. Your first meeting will tell you a lot about the other person, including whether or not they lied in their profile.

We offer these tips because there are "dodgy" people out there, but lets face it, you could meet them in a bar, a club, or even in the supermarket; in fact, in any walk of life & in any scenario. We do believe online dating is a great way to meet people that you would otherwise never encounter & many people do find exactly what they're looking for through a dating website. But, as with any situation, you should always ensure your personal safety comes first.

Good luck in your search and HAVE FUN! :o)