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Make 2011 the Year to Fulfill your Fantasies

Sunday, January 16th, 2011

How was your Christmas? I hope you fought the age old tradition of watching bad TV with the relatives and you found some time to misbehave. If you didn’t, you’ve got some making up to do! What about your 2010 as a whole – did you manage to fulfill all of your naughty resolutions that you made this time last year? If the answer’s no, let 2011 be the year to really satisfy your cravings and the good news is, Find Me Adult Dates is here to help.

Every month we’ll be posting tips and advice on how to make 2011 your naughtiest year yet, so let’s get started!


Every now and again, there comes a time when things need shaking up in the bedroom. If you’re not quite ready to spice up your sex life with toys, blindfolds and handcuffs, why not start by experimenting with some new positions? Whether you want it on all fours, standing up, or upside down with your legs behind your head… there’s something out there for everyone!

Make yourself a resolution to find a position of the month throughout 2011. Don’t forget you can state on your profile what your favourite position is, so if you love a bit of doggy style, make sure you’ve selected this from the drop-down option on your profile. Then check your playmate’s profile to see if they’ve picked their favourite position, and use it as a naughty conversation starter.


In a recent survey, getting down and dirty with a colleague came 3rd in a list of ‘top sexual fantasies’. So when you spot a co-worker gazing into the distance, and you assume they’re deep in thought about hitting targets or closing a deal, chances are they’re picturing themselves rolling around naked on the desk with you.

Stroll past their desk with a naughty smile on your face. They’ll be dying to get their hands on you, and if it leads to a steamy lunchtime rendezvous, we’re sure that coming back to your desk after playing out your fantasy will make your afternoon that little bit brighter. If your office is lacking in fantasy-worthy material, get onto the Search facility and search for someone in your area who can help to sex up your lunch hour.


It’s that time of year where we’re all a little scared to check our bank balance in the aftermath of Christmas. We’re opting for nights in on the sofa instead of nights out for dinner and drinks. That means dates are out of the window, right? Wrong. There are plenty of ways to entertain yourselves at home, so invite your playmate over for a night of in-house entertainment.

Why not suggest a game of strip poker, or to really get up close and personal with your partner, how about naked Twister? You could watch a dirty movie together or even incorporate a sexy striptease into your night in? Of course, you could always just skip the games and films and go straight to the bedroom to create your own entertainment! Login now and plan your hot date.