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What Women Want! Adult Dating Survey

Thursday, October 28th, 2010

Ever wanted to get inside the mind of a woman and find out what she really wants? What she’s really looking for? Here at Find Me Adult Dates, we could have the answer to your prayers!

We asked our sexy females what they like to see and what gets them going, and we’re pleased to reveal our survey results to you, to help you get closer to our girls and boost your chances of hot action. You don’t want to miss this!

When browsing through male photos, what do our girls prefer to see?

  • 70% want “cheeky smiles”
  • 13% answered “not fussed”
  • 10% enjoy “x-rated rude bits”
  • 4% like “topless torsos”
  • 3% said “sexy boxers”

Would they contact or reply to a man with full frontal genitalia pics?

  • 75% answered “no”
  • 25% said “yes”

And if he didn’t have any photos at all?

  • 50% said yes, they’d give him a chance
  • 50% said no, they need to see photos

In conclusion…

If you want to be more irresistible on Find Me Adult Dates, we strongly recommend moving the camera away from your private parts and up to your sexy smile… We know you may be proud of your package and want to show it off, but these results show that most of our girls don’t want to see it in its full glory straight away.

Now’s your chance to give the ladies what they want (you can always swap filthy pics in private with her once you’ve made contact).

Get posing, get messaging and get meeting!

FREE Adult Dating for Women!

Thursday, October 28th, 2010

Did you know that we’ve made it free for women to do whatever they want on Find Me Adult Dates.

But what does that mean for you guys?  Well, it means that if you send a saucy message, a cheeky wink or gift to any of the hot n’ horny women on Find Me Adult Dates there’s nothing to stop them replying!

Here’s what some of our sexy Find Me Adult Dates girls said…

“Can’t believe us ladies are lifelong members to this site for free, let the good times roll, thank you”

“Think I’ll have to go into counselling for my addiction to this site!! Probably end up with repetitive strain at the way I’m typing back to all the messages I’m getting…”

“Thank you for the free upgrade I’ve met five men already and another planned for tonight woohoo!”

So what are you waiting for?  Don’t just think about it.  Do it!

Kiss And Make Up Day

Tuesday, August 10th, 2010

25th August

Why stop at kissing? Here at Find Me Adult Dates, we love make up sex! Have you fallen out with someone recently, perhaps one of our Find Me Adult Dates playmates? Said or did things you shouldn’t have? Maybe you stood him/her up for a hot date, or the rendezvous didn’t go as well as it could… Wednesday 25th is the day to change all that and put your differences aside, in favour of some passionate mind-blowing action! Use this day to get in touch, tell them you’re sorry and enjoy making up.