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Mobile Optimised version of Find Me Adult Dates launched

Thursday, April 19th, 2012

Around Find Me Adult Dates Mobile Site16% of our traffic is already accessed through handheld devices, so we’ve now launched a mobile optimised version of the site. Visitors who previously saw a full desktop site on their mobiles/smartphones are now automatically relocated to the new, “optimised for mobiles” version of the site.

You can try it yourself. Visit Find Me Adult Dates on your mobile phone to see a mobile site in action.

According to Google, mobile dating queries are growing 123% year on year as the public also choose to use mobile devices to access the web as well as desktop applications, so our development team have been working on ‘project mobile’ for the since May 2011, making sure our offering is first class.

Mobile platform features

- New members can register without pre-sign up from a desktop site

- A multi-button dashboard allows members to access a variety of sections and undertake many key actions including Messages, Winks, Who’s Viewed Me and Favourites

- The dynamic member profile view enables you to see the commonly viewed information about a member, with display optimisations depending on how complete the profile is

- Local member search - using the mobile device’s built in geo-location (GPS) information

- Advanced search functionality - equal to that of the search capability available to desktop browser users

- The ability to upgrade to full membership to get the best experience from the mobile site. Basic members will be prompted to upgrade when attempting to send or read messages

- Accepts all common debit / credit card types from both VISA and MasterCard, plus Premium SMS and PayPal


To ensure the best possible experience for the greatest proportion of users, this mobile platform has been designed to work best with iPhone, Android and Blackberry, but will also work on a huge array of other popular mobile devices.


Wednesday, October 19th, 2011

We’re proud to announce the latest product launch in the form of ‘Bolt-ons’.

Each Bolt-on feature will offer advanced functionality or system privileges over & above standard membership!

The first two Bolt-ons have been launched on Find Me Adult Dates and are set to be rolled out across our other sites on 31st October.

Become a VIP

The VIP member is cool, smart, sexy and guaranteed to get the girls. He is 75% more likely to attract attention than anyone else. Why? Because he stands out. How? Because he’s a VIP of course. By purchasing our Search VIP Bolt-on at £2.99, he’s now highlighted in search results and wears the Search VIP crown on his profile to show he means business.

Read Notification

The member who has the Read Notification is powerful. He knows who has and hasn’t read his messages. He knows who his time is best spent on. After purchasing the Read Notification Bolt-on, he knows that when that ‘eye’ icon turns bold, she’s read his message. So while he awaits her reply he can focus on the other things… like introducing himself to more members! The Read Notification costs £1.99.

The Low Down

  • If a member upgrades through a trial they will be able to purchase Bolt-ons, even if it’s only a 24 hour trial.  When the subscription reverts back to basic membership the Bolt-ons will no longer exist and they will not be rebilled for the Bolt-on.
  • Members can turn Bolt-ons on and off as many times as they like within the 30 day period; however they must have them turned off to ensure they are not rebilled.
  • Bolt-ons will appear as a separate transaction to membership on the members’ bank statements. If they purchase more than one Bolt-on at the same time the Bolt-on transactions will be bundled.

A Simple Text Could Get You Sex

Thursday, October 28th, 2010

Are you aware of our exciting ‘Pay By Mobile’ feature on Find Me Adult Dates which enables you to get immediate Full Membership without using a credit card?

Becoming a Full Member is now as simple as sending us a text from your mobile!

Not only does this give you immediate access to hundreds of thousands of sexy Members but, more importantly, you remain completely anonymous – Find Me Adult Dates won’t even appear on your mobile bill!

It’s so easy to upgrade, simply choose ‘SMS’ as your payment option on the upgrade page and follow the simple online instructions to become a Full Member in minutes!

Why not Upgrade your Find Me Adult Dates Membership now so you can contact all of those hot and horny Members you’ve been admiring?

FREE Adult Dating for Women!

Thursday, October 28th, 2010

Did you know that we’ve made it free for women to do whatever they want on Find Me Adult Dates.

But what does that mean for you guys?  Well, it means that if you send a saucy message, a cheeky wink or gift to any of the hot n’ horny women on Find Me Adult Dates there’s nothing to stop them replying!

Here’s what some of our sexy Find Me Adult Dates girls said…

“Can’t believe us ladies are lifelong members to this site for free, let the good times roll, thank you”

“Think I’ll have to go into counselling for my addiction to this site!! Probably end up with repetitive strain at the way I’m typing back to all the messages I’m getting…”

“Thank you for the free upgrade I’ve met five men already and another planned for tonight woohoo!”

So what are you waiting for?  Don’t just think about it.  Do it!

76% MORE ACTION with Find Me Adult Dates

Friday, June 25th, 2010

Here at Find Me Adult Dates we are always looking into ways to get YOU more HOT & HORNY female action!

Our research shows that a whopping 76% of women are more likely to pay you attention if they receive a gift.

Take advantage of our LIMITED EDITION titillating tennis gifts over the Wimbledon period to up your chances of backhanding and grand-slamming those lovely ladies you’ve had your eyes on…

Let’s talk about juice instead of deuce!

Do you know a woman that can say no to strawberries & cream?

For a Limited Period Only!