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Make 2011 the Year to Fulfill your Fantasies

Sunday, January 16th, 2011

How was your Christmas? I hope you fought the age old tradition of watching bad TV with the relatives and you found some time to misbehave. If you didn’t, you’ve got some making up to do! What about your 2010 as a whole – did you manage to fulfill all of your naughty resolutions that you made this time last year? If the answer’s no, let 2011 be the year to really satisfy your cravings and the good news is, Find Me Adult Dates is here to help.

Every month we’ll be posting tips and advice on how to make 2011 your naughtiest year yet, so let’s get started!


Every now and again, there comes a time when things need shaking up in the bedroom. If you’re not quite ready to spice up your sex life with toys, blindfolds and handcuffs, why not start by experimenting with some new positions? Whether you want it on all fours, standing up, or upside down with your legs behind your head… there’s something out there for everyone!

Make yourself a resolution to find a position of the month throughout 2011. Don’t forget you can state on your profile what your favourite position is, so if you love a bit of doggy style, make sure you’ve selected this from the drop-down option on your profile. Then check your playmate’s profile to see if they’ve picked their favourite position, and use it as a naughty conversation starter.


In a recent survey, getting down and dirty with a colleague came 3rd in a list of ‘top sexual fantasies’. So when you spot a co-worker gazing into the distance, and you assume they’re deep in thought about hitting targets or closing a deal, chances are they’re picturing themselves rolling around naked on the desk with you.

Stroll past their desk with a naughty smile on your face. They’ll be dying to get their hands on you, and if it leads to a steamy lunchtime rendezvous, we’re sure that coming back to your desk after playing out your fantasy will make your afternoon that little bit brighter. If your office is lacking in fantasy-worthy material, get onto the Search facility and search for someone in your area who can help to sex up your lunch hour.


It’s that time of year where we’re all a little scared to check our bank balance in the aftermath of Christmas. We’re opting for nights in on the sofa instead of nights out for dinner and drinks. That means dates are out of the window, right? Wrong. There are plenty of ways to entertain yourselves at home, so invite your playmate over for a night of in-house entertainment.

Why not suggest a game of strip poker, or to really get up close and personal with your partner, how about naked Twister? You could watch a dirty movie together or even incorporate a sexy striptease into your night in? Of course, you could always just skip the games and films and go straight to the bedroom to create your own entertainment! Login now and plan your hot date.

Find Out What 70% of Women Want

Thursday, October 28th, 2010

We hope that our last helping of hints and tips came in handy to you – we’ve noticed lots more top quality photos on Find Me Adult Dates, which can only mean more attention from the ladies, and more hot action for you!

While we were asking our females what they like to see on Find Me Adult Dates, we also found out what sort of messages they like to receive, what turns them on and what turns them off. Now’s the time to really pay attention and make sure you’re doing all you can to satisfy our Find Me Adult Dates women…

What kind of private messages do our girls prefer to receive?

  • 50% want “humour, intelligence and personality”
  • 19% like a man to “show an interest” in them
  • 10% enjoy “naughty x-rated fantasies”
  • 9% like “offers” to take them out
  • 7% said “indecent proposals”
  • 5% want “romance”

What’s their biggest turn off?

  • 35% = “A man thinking with his balls instead of his brain”
  • 33% = “Receiving phone numbers/men demanding my phone number straight away in a first message”
  • 10% = “A man who boasts about the number of women he’s slept with”
  • 10% = “Getting my name wrong in a message or not using it at all”
  • 7% = “A man who boasts about the size of his manhood”
  • 5% = “Receiving long life stories in a first message”

What makes them more likely to meet up with someone?

  • 70% said “if the man lives nearby”
  • 21% prefer “lots of photos”
  • 9% like “video profiles”

And where do they most like to meet up?

  • 48% = “Bar/pub”
  • 17% = “Coffee shop”
  • 10% = “His place”
  • 10% = “My place”
  • 6% = “Hotel”
  • 5% = “Restaurant”
  • 4% = “The great outdoors”

In conclusion…

If you want to get a woman’s attention on Find Me Adult Dates, make sure you don’t come across too forceful. There’s a fine line between confidence and arrogance! If she wants to give you her phone number, she will. (Pestering her for it won’t get you laid any quicker.)

Our Find Me Adult Dates girls don’t want to travel to the other end of the country for some action, regardless of how good you claim it will be. If you find a hot female who lives miles away, be prepared to travel to her and don’t take offence if she doesn’t reply at all – there’s plenty of ladies close to you that will!

Finally, when it comes to actually meeting up with one of our sexy women from Find Me Adult Dates, it would seem that a bar or pub is the favoured location. You can have a drink, calm those nerves (if there are any!), see if the chemistry’s there then carry on the fun somewhere more private…

Remember these tips and have fun!

What Women Want! Adult Dating Survey

Thursday, October 28th, 2010

Ever wanted to get inside the mind of a woman and find out what she really wants? What she’s really looking for? Here at Find Me Adult Dates, we could have the answer to your prayers!

We asked our sexy females what they like to see and what gets them going, and we’re pleased to reveal our survey results to you, to help you get closer to our girls and boost your chances of hot action. You don’t want to miss this!

When browsing through male photos, what do our girls prefer to see?

  • 70% want “cheeky smiles”
  • 13% answered “not fussed”
  • 10% enjoy “x-rated rude bits”
  • 4% like “topless torsos”
  • 3% said “sexy boxers”

Would they contact or reply to a man with full frontal genitalia pics?

  • 75% answered “no”
  • 25% said “yes”

And if he didn’t have any photos at all?

  • 50% said yes, they’d give him a chance
  • 50% said no, they need to see photos

In conclusion…

If you want to be more irresistible on Find Me Adult Dates, we strongly recommend moving the camera away from your private parts and up to your sexy smile… We know you may be proud of your package and want to show it off, but these results show that most of our girls don’t want to see it in its full glory straight away.

Now’s your chance to give the ladies what they want (you can always swap filthy pics in private with her once you’ve made contact).

Get posing, get messaging and get meeting!

Kiss And Make Up Day

Tuesday, August 10th, 2010

25th August

Why stop at kissing? Here at Find Me Adult Dates, we love make up sex! Have you fallen out with someone recently, perhaps one of our Find Me Adult Dates playmates? Said or did things you shouldn’t have? Maybe you stood him/her up for a hot date, or the rendezvous didn’t go as well as it could… Wednesday 25th is the day to change all that and put your differences aside, in favour of some passionate mind-blowing action! Use this day to get in touch, tell them you’re sorry and enjoy making up.

Hot Spots For A Dirty Weekend

Tuesday, August 10th, 2010

How are you feeling after last month’s National Orgasm Day? Satisfied? Worn out? Ready to celebrate all over again? We’d love to know how you and your Find Me Adult Dates playmate celebrated…

As for this month, since it’s peak summer and we want you to carry on enjoying lots of naughty fun with our Find Me Adult Dates members, why not arrange a dirty weekend away at the seaside? We’ve got the locations, so all you have to do is find a sexy partner to take with you!

Southern Fun
For a naughty getaway, we love the seafront hotels of Brighton, for example the Sea Spray which has 14 different themed rooms to choose from. We recommend the Boudoir themed room, with a four poster bed, satin sheets and luxury bath tub, designed for the ultimate dirty night away! Close by, the Hotel Pelirocco has been described as Brighton’s sauciest stopover. We particularly like the Play Room with its mirrored ceiling. The highlight of the Hotel Pelirocco has to be the menu of sex toys, lubricants and condoms which can be delivered discreetly to your bedroom door!

Northern Action
If you and your Find Me Adult Dates playmate feel like taking a walk on the wild side, you must give the Hotel BDSM a try. With 15 different play-rooms/areas, ranging from the Bondage Suite to the Medieval Torture Dungeon, this unique Fetish Hotel gives you the freedom and space to explore your fantasies, as well as providing a safe and secure environment. A night at this hotel is guaranteed to make your rendezvous unforgettable! And who can forget Blackpool, the UK’s number one resort for entertainment and fun? With so many hotels and B&Bs to choose from, Blackpool is an ideal location to take your Find Me Adult Dates playmate.

Anywhere, Everywhere
If all you’re looking for is a bed, a locked door and a night of hot passion with your Find Me Adult Dates friend, you can always rely on Travelodge for a clean and comfortable stay; Whether you want to remain local, or partake in a bit of a road trip, Travelodge has hundreds of hotels across the UK, many of which offer discounted rates if you book in advance. Now’s the time to login to Find Me Adult Dates, find someone who gets your pulse racing and arrange a naughty rendezvous with them this August!

Be safe on Find Me Adult Dates

Friday, June 25th, 2010

We’re sure you’re aware of the potential risks involved with the internet, especially with regards to your personal information, personal finances and even personal safety. But, in truth, it doesn’t take a lot to minimise those risks, if not eliminate them completely.

Follow these few simple check points and you’ll have nothing to worry about.


As with any login information, choose a password that you can easily remember but that would be difficult for anyone else to guess. You may be tempted to use ex-partner/children’s names but we’ve lost count of the amount of times family/friends have successfully guessed the passwords of our members and, quite frankly, have not liked what they’ve seen in their accounts! Find Me Adult Dates will never e-mail you asking for your password, so if you get anything like this, please forward it on to us.

Personal information

We know how appealling it may seem for you to like the look of a fellow Member and instantly want to provide them with your personal contact details but, please be aware, that once you’ve given those personal details away, you cannot get them back. Find Me Adult Dates has as an excellent Messaging system which means you don’t need to give out any contact information at all until you’re happy to, so don’t be afraid to tell someone that you’d rather stick to the on-site system for a bit longer. If they’re genuine then they won’t mind waiting.


You should treat people in much the same way online as you do in the real world. If someone you barely know asks to borrow money or asks for any sort of financial details whatsoever, then alarm bells should start to ring, no matter how sexy they are or how interested they seem in you. You wouldn’t expect someone you met in the pub last week to ask for money, so you shouldn’t expect it online either. If you have any such contact from another Member then you should use the “Report this profile” link to alert our Support Team.

Personal safety

Ok, so you’ve found someone who gets your blood pumping, you’ve chatted with them via Find Me Adult Dates and also over the phone, and you’re gagging to meet them for a sexy rendezvous – the bottom line is that you should always stay in control. Before you start tearing eachother’s clothes off behind closed doors, arrange an initial meeting in a public place, tell someone when and where you’re going, and arrange to call them at a given time to confirm all’s going well. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Don’t panic!

Here at Find Me Adult Dates, it really gets us going to know that we’re bringing our Members together for some sexy action and, rest assured, the vast majority of people you meet online will be genuine people. However, it’s best to plan for the worst and then allow people to prove themselves otherwise, but don’t let the occasional dodgy character spoil your enjoyment. Just be aware that, sadly, there is the odd one out there.

Get Set For A Sexy Summer On Find Me Adult Dates!

Tuesday, June 8th, 2010

Can you believe it’s already June? Time flies when you’re having fun, especially naughty fun here on Find Me Adult Dates!

No doubt you’re busy getting fit and toned, ready to flash the flesh, or planning your summer holidays, but don’t forget to keep logging into Find Me Adult Dates to check out our sexy new girls. And to ensure you and your Find Me Adult Dates playmate both have an enjoyable June, we’ve included some hot tips to get you as much naughty action as possible…

Get set for a sexy summer!

We know you must be looking forward to the football kicking off in South Africa this month, but don’t let the football ruin your sex life! Make sure you burn off all those beers at the gym to stay fit for your Find Me Adult Dates playmate and, more importantly, don’t spend all your time glued to the telly… Unless you’re logged into Find Me Adult Dates at the same time, checking out our hot new females! As well as bluer skies and warmer weather, the month of June also brings plenty of horse racing, for example The 40th Macmillan Charity Day (York) on 11th & 12th, and Royal Ascot (Ascot, Berkshire) on 15th-19th. Why not arrange a day at the races with your Find Me Adult Dates playmate, enjoy the Pimm’s, show off your betting skills, then carry on the fun at a hotel nearby…? Like the thought of some open-air action? There’s a whole variety of festivals this June; Download takes places on 11th-13th June in Derby, at the same time as the Isle of Wight Festival, then Somerset hosts Glastonbury Festival later in the month on 23rd-27th June. Find your Find Me Adult Dates playmate, book some tickets, grab a tent and let the alfresco action begin!

Position Of The Month

The June G-Spot Jiggy

This is based on the well-loved ‘Doggy Style’ position, but with a bit more attention on her G-spot. Have her on all fours as you kneel behind her, penetrating her from behind, and grabbing her bum for balance. Instead of the usual ‘in and out’ thrusting, try moving your hips in slow, deep circular motion, really stroking her G-spot. This simple position is sexually fulfilling for both of you AND it can be performed in a variety of summer spots, for example a festival tent!

Summer Solstice

Monday 21st June

This marks the longest day of the year and the first day of summer, so what better time to really turn up the heat and start planning some fun in the sun with your Find Me Adult Dates playmate?


Monday 21st June Onwards

You don’t need to be a tennis fan to enjoy watching those scantily-clad female tennis players jumping, sweating and groaning their way around the court. Or, you and your Find Me Adult Dates playmate could always bring some strawberries and cream to the bedroom to really spice up the Wimbledon season.

Whatever you end up doing this month, we hope you have a very enjoyable June, filled with lots of hot action!

Don’t forget to keep logging into Find Me Adult Dates and browsing through our latest sexy men & ladies … If you see someone who gets your pulse racing, why not send them a message?

Until next month, have fun!

The Find Me Adult Dates Team